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Hardware + software integration is a must in today’s competitive digital media world.
Lucky for you, as one of the Nation’s leading Top Tier Integrators, we make it simple for you. It’s what we do.
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Design + Theming + Branding

Design + Theming + Branding
Our in-house, multi-disciplinary, design team can dream up anything you or your project requires. We will probably even come up with things you never knew you wanted. We have done work in every major field imaginable. It’s this cross-industry experience that gives our designers the broader perspective required for any project, big or small.

We are designers and builders which means we approach each challenge with a mindset that guarantees a more cost-effective & reliable solution for you. Our arsenal of design tools includes everything from old-world pencil illustration to the most advanced computer-aided graphics and 3D modeling software available.

And that’s just the short explanation…

We Are Innovative Integrators

We Are Innovative Integrators
We carved our niche by combining multiple skill sets from many different markets into one cohesive think tank. This hybrid of skill, talent, and experience is what quickly made us one of the Nation’s Top Tier Integrators for several of the world’s largest LCD, video, and digital media manufacturing companies. We are proud to offer the same expertise to you as a customers on a daily basis, regardless of the size or complexity of the project.

We have the know-how and expertise to get your project done on time and on budget while ensuring you receive the most cutting edge technologies packaged in the best looking designs as possible. If we don’t know how to get it done, we’ll invent a way.

That’s what has made us one of the Nation’s integration leaders.

Manufacturing + Project Management + Install

Manufacturing + Project Management + Install
Our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities ensure that whatever we design, or whatever you require, can be manufactured in the most cost-effective way possible while ensuring the highest standards of quality available. We have aligned with multiple strategic manufacturing partners which allows us to get our customers the best pricing available regardless of the size or scope of the project. From 1 custom unit to 1,000 mass produced units, we work directly with our partners through every phase of the build to find the right solution, ensuring on time delivery and impeccable quality & functionality.

No matter where your project is located we can install and service every aspect of it.

Engineering + Product Development

Engineering + Product Development
We don’t just draw blue prints for trinkets and widgets. We invent, engineer, and develop dreams for our customers and our own line of retail products as well. This outlook and experience from both sides of the business and engineering fence helps us bring better service and more cost-effective engineering to our customers. Our brainiac engineers hold multiple individual & team patents for their innovations and have designed, engineered, and tested products for some of the largest digital media technology firms in the world.

We remain a small company at heart which allows us to continue thinking HUGE when evaluating the engineering and development requirements for any product we work on.


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SAMSUNG relies on SiS to tackle many of their highly specialized, limited run, engineering and manufacturing needs. Our ability to perform for their need has earned us a spot as one of the primary Top Tier Integrators for SAMSUNG.

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